Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing becomes an essential maintenance item to every building that cares about it’s appearance and reputation within the commercial building arena. When buildings look dirty and pressure cleaning isn’t a priority people take notice and it can be the difference for real estate leasing agents keeping a building full or half empty. Appearance is everything, and by letting Vancouver pressure washing professionals maintain your building, you can keep clients happy and attracted to a clean environment that is appealing to the public as well.

It is important to set scheduled maintenance for pressure cleaning to keep an even look to your facilities and it shows that you keep on top of your maintenance.

There are various surfaces in and around buildings that require pressure washing:

  • sidewalks
  • balconies
  • vertical building surfaces
  • retaining walls
  • parking garages
  • compactors
  • machinery
  • paving stones

Care must be taken when pressure washing especially on porous or soft material such as wood. It is very easy to damage surfaces so and experienced pressure washer should take on these types of jobs.

Safety is always a concern and our number one priority is the safety of anyone in the area of pressure cleaning. We always use signs and cones to warn people of the ongoing work.

For all of your pressure washing needs please give Vancouver Pressure Washing a call today.